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Art Attack

Art Attack was a popular British children's television series revolving around art and craft. Art Attack was one of ITV's longest running programmes, running from 1990 to 2007. It was presented throughout by Neil Buchanan. The Art Attack show involves Buchanan producing three or four works of art, taking the viewer through its production step by step.

Art Attack was the art programme described by Neil Buchanan that "Gives your eyeballs a shock!". This was because of the mad style of art usually done on the programme and to make art more fun for children and less boring. The art shown on the Art Attack show was easy for children to follow and most 'Art Attacks' could be done using things found around the home. Buchanan very rarely used shop bought art materials.

The Art Attack program has now been replaced by the popular Mr Maker. Visit our Mr Maker website.

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Art attack has a vast range of Art Attack Books designed to stimulate young children's creativity and development in the Arts and Crafts. You can also purchase art and craft materials, paper, and the infamous PVA glue and googly eyes!

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Art Attack

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